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Shewolf Howls.

"Mercy for my lovers" is propositioned between conceptual artwork and bullet-style thoughts.

"Words. You help me to understand myself better. Even though you are stuck to a page, you choose to dance often."

-Serena Love


project details.

soft cover.


144 pages.

Mercy for my lovers.


about. the. artist.

I used to fall into a deep depression when I would hit a creative block. Only to discover that creative blocks do not exist. I learned that the downtimes were meant to form a temporary grave. It creates a space so personal that only I am able to feel at home in it. I've learned to find comfort in solitude and fall asleep to the sound of creativity dancing at the surface. Knowing that when I wake, I will be ready to explore the surface.

Deep. Dark. Silent.

This is my soil for all seeds of creativity.



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"Barbie fucking wishes she brought this amount of colour to the world."
- Serena Love

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