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Pour gasoline and catch wind.

I usually do not struggle to express a moment in life, whether I get it across in painting, writing or simply just by being… I am pretty sure my energy introduces myself before I even walk in.

But this experience has me in awe.

I have never considered myself a teacher before, so when I was asked to put on a 6-8 week workshop for the youth in my community, I felt out of my element. I know what I am made of, and I know that I wouldn’t have been asked unless they had full confidence in my abilities. So I said yes.

I didn’t realize at the time, that I said yes to executing one of my lifelong dreams. I have a few recurring dreams since I was a child, and one of them was being able to work with youth/children in my community.

Never having a lot of self worth, I always felt I didn’t deserve to be here. But the dream was always there. I never let go of the dream.

Being able to witness the passion from trying something new and overcoming challenges this wall brought us, I learned that teaching for me, is more about inspiration than about the lesson. It’s about igniting that passion and drive for life. The skill will come if the desire to learn is there.

After getting to witness three flames turn into fires… my job here is done. I look forward to watching these amazing artists develop and continue to make their marks in this world. Pour gasoline and catch wind ;)

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