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The grave spit me out.

I used to fall into a deep depression when all creativity and production would come to a sudden halt. It wasn't until I learned that the down times were meant to form a temporary grave. It creates a space where only I am able to feel at home in. I've learned to find comfort in introspective and fall asleep to the sound of creativity dancing at the surface. Deep. Dark. Silent. This is my soil for all seeds of creativity.

This has been one of the toughest transitions I have been through. Having to face some of my greatest weaknesses, I've had to dig a deeper grave this time. It took me a while to get out. Which means, there have been no space to work in my studio.

Finally I was woke up with a vision and a desire to paint again. Not just a desire, but the energy to paint again. I look forward to the time I can put back into the studio. My favourite place to be. Which by the way, is anywhere I am with my materials. My studio travels often ;)

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