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In this moment, I understand that something cannot be created from nothing.

One of my favourite moments in life is facing a blank canvas. It no longer feels like intimidation or nothingness. This is my playground, full of opportunities. Where anything can be created. This is the space where my dreams and visions come to life.

Physically it is a blank space. Energetically it is a birthing zone. There is a feeling of anticipation with the understanding that there is work ahead.

In this moment, I can see that something cannot be created from nothing. The canvas is blank. Yes. But it is not nothing. It is crafted from years of crying out to God, wanting my life to be different than what it was. It is learning from hard experiences and wanting to see something beautiful in this world. It is the steps it took from being a girl to learning how to be a woman. And then learning to be a better woman and the woman I am called to be. It is keeping hope. It is learning discernment, dropping my own masks and choosing to live for the truth. It is about failure and wanting to give up. So. Many. Times... I question why I do what I do, on the daily. But my drive to be better, is stronger than failure. My small circle of incredible people, will not allowing

me to fail. Many people have dropped off, and it no longer breaks my heart. Instead, I am grateful for the timing. It goes much deeper. Much broader. Years behind me, years ahead of me. There is a purpose for my life. I see a purpose for this canvas. It does not come from nothing.

I am always grateful that the canvas is willing to grow with me. Wherever I am in life, it is gracious. It is willing to help me document my story. All of the internal work that I do, most often is expressed on canvas. When I stare at a blank canvas, I am ignited. There is something in me that recognizes the feeling of being home. I find myself in this state. I uncover and discover in this state. This state of being is where my silence is found. I am at peace. For all of the moments that sent me here to this place, I am grateful for them. This is a healthy way to unleash. A blank canvas is never nothing.

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